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Andreas Witticke   


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Antiques Shop 'Wagenwiel' garrick coleman  Tim Millard 
alan dewey's restorer's site   



British Pathé old chess videos, a selection:
Alex Hammond - antique chessmen
calvert style set and “real men”
Chess pieces (a.o. Cantonese and the Mice) at 02:15 and some chess dealer(?) showing a "John's" set on Chelsea Antique Fair 1968
Gambit Chess Rooms, London - 1946
chess promotion film 1900 - 1919
Chess World Championships - The Hague, Holland - 1948 Botvinnik, Smyslov, Reshevsky, Keres, Euwe
Zsambek, Hungarian Chess piece making film
American National Chess Championship at 01:00 – Reshevsky (HAC chess clock)
Ivory chessmen carving at 01:04, some other chess pieces shown later on
Some nice HAC clocks in actions (and a few others)
Some strange collections, amongst which a chess set made out of human bones of Tibetan Prisoners
France, 1944, making POW sets and a Regence in action
1965 German Chess Championships, BHB chess clock
A young Jan Timman, several chess clocks like Garde, BHB, Sutton – Coldfield 1969 Hastings
International Chess Tournament Baarn, Holland, 1947, Koopman clock
Beautiful Silver chess set, 1967
Austrian / German chessmen in action
Botwinnik versys Smyslov
Czechoslovakia, making majolica chess pieces
Solora chess clock used in 1960’s World Championships Botwinnik – Tal
And a better glance at the Solora
Austrian blacksmith’s work, including making a chess set
Perhaps at the Gambit Chess Rooms, Gambit clock, a BCC set in action as well as a HAC clock close-up
Russian set