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19-07-2015: And who says chess isn't exciting? From a lovely condition report for an upcoming auction of an ivory Jaques set:


Condition Report:
One white horse with re-glued ear, both kings with screw glued cross finials, one white rook split at base, one white porn ball top glued and one red porn with stained ball and chipped collar. Sarcophagus box in used condition with some red leather missing, stained and faded, top loose


Any chess set with a 'white porn ball top glued' and a 'red porn with stained ball' must be part of any real man's collection, doesn't it?


Click on any image below to watch high resolution images of that set. 

German Selenus set, 1800 - 1850 Jaques Ditty Chess Box, early 1900's SOLD Central European ivory + wooden set approx 1800 SOLD Club Size weighted(!) St George set

BCC set 3.5"weighted, 1890's, 4 Q's SOLD Jaques Club size set 1870's SOLD 5.5" German Barleycorn w. faces SOLD 4" Northern Upright mid 19c

SOLD Jaques small club size 1890 SOLD Jaques ISQ with orig slipcase Northern Upright bone 94mm Large German bone set 115mm

All sets, boards and clocks are for sale, prices only on application.


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